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ETA BETA lightweight alloy wheels are among the world’s finest. ETA BETA has gained its reputation for providing high quality alloy products for automobiles around the globe. Manufactured in Italy at our ultra modern factory, most of the alloy wheels are available for cars on the market in all sizes and fitments.


The Brand has become a popular choice in the aftermarket accessories and parts industry, due to the company’s commitment to design and innovation, and its 33 years experience in manufacturing. The ETA BETA brand has become recognisable worldwide as the alloys wheel manufacture car owners have come to respect, from the USA to the roads of Europe. Known as ETABETA wheels or "ETA BETA rims In the USA. In Europe ETA BETA is known as ETABETA felgen and eta beta jante.


The millions of alloy wheels sold yearly is due to the company’s own passion and dedication to manufacturing lightweight wheels. Customers have come to love and admire the fact that ETA BETA designs from day onewith the customer in mind. New designs with innovative styling cues is always at the forefront, this keeps our range looking new and fresh, which truly deserves the title as “The world’s finest alloy wheels”.

Our Products

ETA BETA UK offers a variety of products and services, which includes: ETA BETA Tettsut x, ETA BETA Jofiel x, Rochel x, Alnair, eb51, Krone, ETA BETA Sun and wheels from the Uriel X range. Chrome, SLC, and matt finishes are also available from ETA BETA UK. They also carry a variety of styles including 2 and 3 piece, and forged wheels, and these go up to a variety of sizes such as 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 alloy wheels. Our more popular wheels go all the way up to 20 and 21 inches.

The Wheel Brand Of Choice

In the UK, ETA BETA has quickly grown into a wheel brand of choice for the automobile enthusiast, who has a passion for cars and the desire to show individuality. If you’re an auto-enthusiast looking for: Bentley, Rang Rover, BMW, Audi alloy wheels, and even the legendary Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 alloy wheels, then ETA BETA is the brand for you. The company also offers alloy wheel insurance, payment plan, repair facilities and a host of other services, including a 3 year warranty, which is exclusive to the UK. You may also wish to purchase or buy online or from a dealer.

Audi Wheels and VW Wheels

A Popular choice for the Golf, Scirocco, Touareg and Passat are the Tettsut X range. Available in 16 – 18 inches and 19 – 22 inches. Popular for most Audi models are the Tettsut X and Jofiel X, which are available in 17 – 21 inches. The Uriel X range is also available, and now in 23 inches. These styles are available in Matt black, white and silver.

Porsche wheels.

ETA BETA wheels are popular and available for many models in the Porsche line-up. Models such as the Jofiel X and the Tettsut X are available for most, if not every models Porsche has on offer. ETA BETA is a wheel manufacturer who truley takes pride in its products this is why our product are always of high standars.

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